Amazing Graze

Good morning guys, how are you? It’s another dull morning but who cares, it’s Friday! This is just a really quick post to say that I discovered something new that made my week.

I know I’m late to the party, but Graze is really cool. Seriously. It’s a company that sends you healthy snacks to stem those annoying afternoon munchies. I signed up last week and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. Honestly, it’s so simple. You log on to their website, choose what you like, decide on the frequency of delivery and bingo, you’re done. All you have to do now, is wait for that lovely package of heavenly goodies to arrive through the post.

It arrived promptly (blow me down, Royal Mail actually works) in a compact cardboard box which I couldn’t wait to crack open. It came with a small welcome booklet and a leaflet including nutritional information – perfect if you’re calorie counting. The thoughtful folks at Graze had even packed a napkin, which was a lovely touch.

I ordered the Honeycomb Crunch, Copacabana, Billionaire’s Shortbread and Korean Chilli Rice Crackers. They were all yum, but my favourite was the chilli crackers (I like my food salty and spicy). I’m already looking forward to my next delivery and will keep you guys posted on my Graze journey. There are a tonne of different treats to try and you can mix and match from hundreds of different combinations to make up your ultimate nibble box. Also, if you decide you really don’t like a particular snack (I’m not a massive sultana fan myself), you have the option of rating it online and removing it from your list. Eleanor and the rest of the Snack Inventors at Graze HQ use this information to decide on new foodstuffs, so don’t forget to rate your nibbles. I imagine the Snack Inventors working like Oompa Loompas behind the scenes where the magic takes place (minus the whole orange dwarf thing, I’m sure they’re lovely non-orange folk).

Now, there are loads of things I love about Graze. First and foremost is the superlative customer service. With so many online companies out there, a top notch team that listens to you and doesn’t treat you like a plain old statistic is refreshing and beyond awesome. Secondly, the food is actually very tasty. The Belgian chocolate buttons were creamy and definitely more-ish, whilst the brazil nuts were crunchy with the right amount of bite. To top that, the packaging is all recyclable, so you feel like you’re doing your bit for the planet too. What I love most about the Graze box however, is that it feels like you’re opening a present. And it really is a gift from me to, erm, me. The only negative thing about Graze is that it’s easy to scoff the lot, because it’s just so darn delicious (that’s my problem though, not the lovely bods at Graze).

Have you tried Graze? Which combos float your boat? I’d love to hear from fellow-Grazers (or anyone else who wants to recommend any other nice nibbly companies).

Ciao for now,