Hello! How are you all doing? So the clocks went forward today, which means less sleep (BOO HISS) but lighter, brighter days (YAAY!). And with Easter around the corner, I have a spring in my step. It means a long weekend in Derby to catch up with friends, family, writing and baking. Book 2 is progressing well, I just need to be really militant with my time and stop watching darned addictive TV like The Following.

Which gets me thinking… Do you have any hobbies that bring out your creative streak? With me, it’s baking. Now, I find there’s something magical about mixing basic ingredients like flour, sugar, butter and eggs, to create light as air fairy cakes. And because there’s something special about Easter, I’ll be baking more Easter goodies (I have my eye on this particularly luscious chocolate cake). Check out the recipe here. When baked, I promise to post a picture asap.

How are you spending your Easter weekend? I’ve sectioned off Good Friday for writing (Saturday is party time in Manchester for a friend’s birthday which should be fab fun). Back to the writing, because I’ve promised myself to be militant with my writing time, I’ll be holed up in my study. Part of me can’t wait, because it’s been a few days since I did any personal writing (I’m currently enjoying writing for The Derbyshire Guardian and doing fab foodie reviews for them).

It’s all about priorities though, right? And that’s why I’m having to bid you adieu now. It’s just gone 11:20pm and I think I need to rest my head and grab some beauty sleep. Would love to know your Easter plans, Easter bakes, any writing WIPS you’re working on, etc.

Love RAxx