Bared To You: A foodie’s fictional delight…

Hey guys, how are you? Yes I’m burning the midnight oil but it had to be late one, because the day is reserved strictly for NaNoWriMo.* I’m a voracious reader and my latest obsession is the Crossfire series by the super cool Sylvia Day. I read Bared To You earlier this year (here is my original review) and as much as I tried to resist, devoured the sequel last week. I couldn’t help but notice there was a lot of food and drink mentioned in the book, which prompted me to write this post.

I find that whatever a writer is passionate about, makes a healthy appearance in their writing. For example, I love coffee and cake with a healthy dash of politics, which all appear in chunky doses in my book. Whilst writing this, I’m actually curious now as to what your favourite things are (do post a comment below, I would love to hear from you!).

I have a comprehensive ‘Favourite List’ which seems to be growing by the day. To name all my favourite things in the whole wide world wouldn’t be good because I’d be here till next month and I can’t afford to undertake an otherwise satisfying, indulgent waste of time. Just a few of my favourite things in case you wondered, are Christmas, summer, books, Hillary Clinton, my flat-mate’s cupcakes and, a wonderful bespoke coffee place I discovered a few weeks ago. (I need to do it justice and dedicate a full post to it later, but suffice to say for the time being, their coffee is truly delicious).

OK, back to Bared To You. The book will ahem, whet your appetite in more ways than one. Crossfire fans who have read it will know exactly what I mean. The book will make you hungry, because the food mentioned is not only delicious, but it deftly gives the narrative an added dimension of authenticity. I’ve read the book twice so far and during the second reading, couldn’t help but notice the food descriptions leaping off the page. Just out of interest, I started making a list of all the food mentioned in the book. It started off with the odd bottle of wine here and there as enjoyed by Eva and Cary (this pair can really put it away and you can’t help but love them for it). The few bottles quickly led to Cristal and numerous dinners amounting to a tonne of delicious food.

The full list of all the food mentioned in the book (it is quite a shopping list), is as below. I don’t know why I made the list, I guess I was just curious how much yummy stuff was written about (that’s not excluding the delicious Gideon). The list will be interesting to fans of Crossfire. Having championed the Crossfire series since earlier this year, a few friends are just as crazy about it as I am. I’ll be holding a teeny tiny Crossfire soiree at my pad next month; food and drink from Bared To You from the list below will undoubtedly be served.

Food: Cheeseburger & fries (with ketchup), pizza, Petrossian Osetra caviar, mini toast, crème fraiche, Omakase at Masa (an exclusive sushi restaurant in New York), fettuccine alfredo, crème brulee, crab cakes, steak, German fried potatoes, Chinese food, fortune cookie, pork roast, new potatoes with asparagus, tilapia.

Drink: Sauvignon Blanc, Stoli Elit, Stoli & cranberry, pomegranate martini, Cristal, Shiraz, champagne, Armangac, margarita, sweet plum wine, bottled water, coffee.

It’s all a labour of love but totally worth it. Enjoy!

*Just a quick note to ask how are you other NaNoWriMo-ers finding it? Despite me being militant about my writing schedule, I’m a few hundred words behind on my word count. I’m not going to stress about it though, because worrying doesn’t change anything, right?