I’m a coffee fiend and was surprised, when walking to a part of the Intu Derby I don’t usually frequent, to see a new coffee shop open. The intriguingly titled bb’s looks like a nice place to hang out.

We can never have enough of coffee shops. Of course I have my favourites. I prefer independents over franchises (Vapey Jacks and Café Lavanta do the best coffee in town), but I’m always up for trying new coffee spots.

What’s bb’s all about? It stands for ‘bakers + baristas’, and this undoubtedly cool name emanates even cooler vibes in the swish PLINTH designed interior.

It’s an Australian brand which was created in 1985. The company realised they were onto a good thing when the muffins began to outsell everything else. (What a lovely problem to have!) It then focused on selling good, barista made coffee alongside lush muffins, and since then, the bb brand has gone from strength to strength.

I’ve yet pop into the Intu (sorry, couldn’t resist) for coffee; I might just do that later this week to see if they can get my coffee right (soya latté, extra hot, extra wet, dash of sugar free caramel syrup if you’re asking).

On the face of it, PLINTH have done a cracking job. It seems light, white and airy (I liken it to being stood in a cheesecake). The press release says bb’s attracts the fashion-conscious, younger clientele in shopping malls – I wonder if this was a conscious decision following a rebrand in 2011?

I like places with character (it boasts quirky, tongue-in-cheek humour) and look forward to checking out bb’s in Derby’s Intu Centre. I’ll update you more on this place when I visit it soon.


*Image courtesy of Derby Telegraph website*