Just a real quick post – the 4th July is less than a week away, and one of my favourite spots in Nottingham has this neat dining offer. Enjoy a hot dog and Melania cocktail for just £10, or if you feel like making a night of it, you can enjoy a bottomless version of the Melania cocktail.

I’ve enjoyed a hotdog at Red Dog Saloon a few times and love the way they cook their meats, in all their smoky glory. The Coney Island hotdog will be no different (the portion sizes are always generous).

What will you be doing on American Independence Day? I’d love to know what you’re up to, if you plan on celebrating it, or if like me, your enthusiasm for a beloved holiday may be somewhat marred by the disgrace that is the Tweeter-In-Chief, whose proclivity for telling porkies is astounding and infuriating in equal measure.

Happy July 4th folks, stay strong.