Coconut Cupcake Craziness

Hey guys, hope you’re all well! I’m currently functioning on three hours sleep and desperately in need of a little catch up snooze, but before I go (I know, short and sweet, huh?), I just wanted to share something with you. It’s a little piece of heaven which I discovered earlier, courtesy of the ab fab ladies at Cake Delight. Now, there are cupcakes, and cupcakes. Emma and Michelle do scrummy frosting and their cakes are to die for (seriously, I kid you not). Frequently trying out new flavours, I couldn’t resist popping in for one of their newest additions, the coconut concoction.
CoconutCupcake20120921_144814The sponge was light as air (no change there), flavoured with subtly tantalising coconut. The frosting is inspired and altogether divine. Decadent piping is the icing on the cake (OK, pun was intended) and the gentle sprinkling of desiccated coconut with a Bounty-esque wedge atop this heavenly creation suddenly made my day a lot less tiring.

OK, really need to catch up on my beauty sleep. It’s saying something, that I’m practically falling asleep at my laptop, just so I can write about this cupcake. Am I mad? Or just crazy for this Coconut Cupcake?

Laters peeps (and sweet dreams), I shall try and write more this weekend.