Dallas rocks

I’m nearly all but written out, so I’ll be brief and even dispel with niceties :-). This post was prompted by the recent return of Dallas on TV. It was huge back in the day. I recall it playing in the background when I was a kid, but I never actually got into it. Twenty years later, I’m hooked.

It’s like I’m watching it with fresh eyes. Sure, a few names and scenarios ring certain bells. Who shot JR, Bobby emerging from the shower having dreamt a whole chunk away (or something along those lines) sound vaguely familiar. Having a cult following and garnering multi Emmy Awards in its heyday, it wasn’t long before some enterprising studio executive decided to breathe new life into it. And it is proving to be an astute decision so far. Kudos to Cynthia Cidre who created this new series – she certainly knows how to grip and engage the viewer from the outset.

I watched the first episode with thinly veiled scepticism. After all, wasn’t it supposed to be a trip down memory lane for those die-hard Dallas fans of yore? What would the new series hold for me, a ‘pseudo-Dallas-virgin’? Spurred on by the infectious enthusiasm of a friend, I decided to give it whirl. And boy am I glad I did (thank you for the heads up D).

The first few episodes set the scene nicely, with the offspring of two feuding brothers (Bobby and JR) carrying on the family tradition of destructive warring. Christopher and John Ross (played by Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson respectively) are perfectly cast as leads of the new generation who also happen to be young, hot, thirty-somethings who are raring to go and prove themselves. Against the background of Southfork (which has apparently always been a contentious matter for Bobby and JR), the story slowly unfolded with numerous threads including illegal oil drilling, terminal illness, mistaken jilting as a by product of hacked emails amongst a few meaty subplots. Having two heavyweights Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman was another shrewd move on part of the producers and a definite asset to the cast.

This soap is cheesier than a plate of cheddar. And I love it. It’s light, frothy and doesn’t really require thinking; perfect for the mid-week zoning out session. Dallas has been successfully resurrected and is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. From now on, I’ll be dedicating a post to each weekly episode once it has aired. Are you a Dallas fan? I’d love to hear what you think of the new series.

Mucho love,