Hey all, how are you doing? It’s Friday (halleleujah!) which means a nice weekend of writing and chilling out for this Derby foodie. I’m rather excited by the news that Deliveroo is launching in Derby in a few days’ time.

anokiDerbyEntranceWhat on earth is Deliveroo? (I hear you ask). This cool company delivers high end restaurant and gourmet food to your home or office. They launched in London in 2013 and two years has seen them have openings UK-wide and Europe, with expansion plans in the Middle East. Not to leave the Midlands out, they launched in Birmingham in April and now it’s Nottingham, Leicester and Derby’s turn. Delivery is conceptualised by zones and within a 2.6km radius from Derby city centre. Delivery can be anywhere (home, office, hotel, park) – anywhere your little heart, and hungry tum desires. As long as you provide a postcode and specific instructions (you wouldn’t want your delicious, hot food to go astray, would you?), then Deliveroo will deliver.

ask-italianSo which eateries are on their list? Deliveroo have partnered with Forge Burger BarASK ItalianThai DusitAnoki and The Distillery and this list is only going to get more extensive with time. If you want restaurant quality food at home, you should check them out. Deliveroo only champion and partner with good food vendors; this includes indies and franchisees alike (the only prerequisite is that you must make delicious fayre). You can order in real time, where the average duration of waiting (door to door) is 32 minutes. If you’re watching the Great British Bake Off and want to dine whilst watching your favourite TV programme, then you can schedule your order timed to perfection. You can order 24 hours beforehand, which is also a great option for corporates, suits and city bods.

distillerySo how does it all work? The order gets pinged to the restaurant on an exclusive Deliveroo tablet at the restaurant. The restaurant then cook the food, pressing ‘send driver’ when they need the food picking up. What is totally cool, is that Deliveroo hire a fleet of drivers who wait in the zone whether they have orders or not. They are notified via an app, the restaurant then calls them, after which they go to pick up the food. They operate from 12pm – 11pm everyday of the week with a dedicated customer service team who operate from 9am – 12am everyday of the week.

CaptureWant to know more? Hop onto website www.deliveroo.co.uk, enter your postcode and a list of restaurants will magically appear. Payment is by card the delivery fee is £2.50 for orders over £15. If you do use Deliveroo, please let me know how you get on. I’ll be reviewing Deliveroo on Tuesday evening, so maybe we can compare notes? Have a lovely day!