Hi all,

I hope you’re doing well and that this weather hasn’t left you melting like an ignominious puddle.

I know I write predominantly about food and drink, with the odd post thrown in about books and writing. This is one of those posts. If you love comic books or super hero movies (if you don’t what’s wrong with you?), then read on.

Derby’s Comic Con returns to The Roundhouse for the second year running. There’s tonnes to do, including enjoying exhibits, stellar guest line-up, traders, cosplay and panels.

I have always wanted to do cosplay and would love to go in character. I dig Iron Man and The Hulk, but I don’t think I’d like to be them, if that makes sense? Female super heroes or anti-heroes are few and far between. I know there’s the recent Wonder Woman film, which although has received great reviews, I haven’t seen yet. And I’ll feel something of a fraud dressing up a character when I haven’t even seen the film, and have zero affiliation to a character.

I need to get my thinking cap(e) on, to see what cool character I can dress up as.

If you were doing cosplay, who would you go as, and why?

Back to Derby Comic Con. The show is now based at The Roundhouse (opposite the train station). It is spread out over three rooms including a full stage area for that awesome cosplay competition.

The Round Room will be packed with traders, and which also houses the café. The venue is disabled friendly and has a car park onsite – but be early as it’s first come first served.

For fan-boys or fan-girls, you can get your photo taken with the 95 Batmobile (Spider version) and all the way from Radiator Springs a life-size replica of Disney’s car Lightning McQueen made with love to bring smiles all around. Have your picture with Lightning, take hold of the Piston Cup and join in the fun.

There’s also the Jurrasic Park Jeep and the Mad Max V8 Interceptor on the way into the venue, where you’ll also find loads of cosplay artists for your enjoyment including the amazing MK 39 STARBOOST (Iron Man), International Charity Cosplayers (DC super heroes) and the East Midlands Garrison (Star Wars).

It’s going to be an action packed day full of fun and laughter whilst getting dressed up as your favourite characters.

See you there.