Future Dallas posts…

Hey guys,

Yes, I’m back again for the last post of the day. First off, sorry for the delay with this Dallas write-up, it aired two days ago here in the UK and then I was deluged with a trillion other writing bits. It’s been a crazy busy week but in future I promise to get the write-up done within 24 hours, so do stay tuned. It seems to me that the appeal of Dallas transcends ages and continents, judging from the messages I got on the back of my first Dallas post. To all those who inboxed me and commented, thank you for stopping by. There seems to be a lot of people who worship Dallas, which is great because I love meeting passionate like-minded bods :-).

Just a teeny tiny disclaimer: there will be factual errors in my Dallas posts. This is unintentional, but because I’m new to the soap, I’m therefore currently clueless to its background and characters. If this offends you, then I’m sure there will be other Dallas posts around which you will approve of. If you want to enlighten me or simply want to shoot the breeze about anything Dallas related, or indeed anything else (I’m a friendly soul) then drop me a line, I would LOVE to hear from you :-).  Of course I could Google things I’m unsure of, but I’m really enjoying discovering a whole new world where cowboy hats look cool and a guy called JR is “the man”.

As I plan on making the Dallas post a regular occurrence, I’ll also be experimenting with the format. I thought it would be cool to include a few other things (if appropriate to the episode), such as ‘Highlight’, ‘Burn moment’, ‘Sucker Punch Line’, ‘Best Outfit’ and a star rating too. And because the Ewings’ constant warring feels like a really vicious football match, I thought ‘Man / Woman Of The Match’ would be really cool to include. If you can think of any more additions you would like to see, let me know and I’ll try my best to incorporate. Which characters do you love or loathe? Who would you like to see bite the dust? I’m Team JR all the way (Larry Hagman gets all the best lines and you can’t help but feel for his son, wickedly played by the delectable Josh Henderson).

I try to keep my posts as punchy as possible but I can’t seem to stop writing about Dallas! This is turning out to be a lengthy piece so I’ll publish the write-up in a separate post first thing Sunday morning. I would have done tomorrow, but as it’s my mom’s birthday, I’m sort of otherwise engaged :-). More on Team JR in my next post. In the meantime, continue rocking guys…

Mucho love,