Happy belated Easter!

Hey guys, how have you been? Hope you all had a fantastic Easter break. It goes by too quickly I know! Hope you had chocolate gifts galore (or whatever sweet treat takes your fancy). Time has been flying by and I’ve got lots to tell; I promise to update you all with exciting tid bits imminently. Sorry I’ve been away so long, the book and writing is keeping me super busy. In between writing the screenplay, reading scripts, blogging, interviews and media appointments, the hours in the day melt away like chocolate fondue (can you tell I’ve still got Easter on the brain?).

My lovely ex-flatmate came to visit this weekend and it was just nice to kick back. She came bearing cupcakes (which only makes me love her more) and the stipulation to step away from my laptop for the weekend. Which worked out well, because I had to send it away for repair anyway (packing it up sent pangs of anxiety through me as I wondered how I’d cope without it).

Like any writer can attest to, we don’t really have weekends. Being ‘on the go’ 24-7, I sometimes find it hard to switch off. My phone is like another limb, constantly glued to my hand and checking emails, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with contacts can get a little tiresome. Which leads me to ask, when did social media become so unsocial..? Don’t get me wrong, I love this digital age. I’m in touch with people from around the world and I’ve made some really great contacts on the back of various social media platforms. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a mini detox or ‘digital purge’ (sounds horrific I know).

So, the bulk of the long weekend was spent chilling with the girls. And eating. And drinking. Sometimes, a little R&R is good for the soul. Have a great day guys and see you SOON!