Easter is around the corner and I’m gearing up for a proper foodie weekend. What are you up to? It means a long weekend in snuggly jim-jams is within fingertip reach and a glorious four day weekend beckons.

What will make your weekend even cooler, is that the kind bods at Oh, You Pretty Things have concocted a glorious Chocolate Cream Pie Cocktail, reminiscent of an Easter egg. Oozing sauciness, sweet treats and simply good times, this truly scrumptious choccy cocktail is the perfect Easter treat. If you want to be a master mixologist like Oh, You Pretty Things HQ, why not try their simple and delicious cocktail recipe? You’ll need:

· 25ml Southern Comfort · 25ml Baileys · 25ml Cacao Blanc · 20ml Gomme · Half scoop chocolate ice-cream · 25ml Half & Half (Milk/Cream) · 2 chocolate fingers · 1 oyster waffle · 1 chocolate mini Easter Egg · 2 Oreos

  • Crush the Oreos to make Oreo dust.
  • Add in some of the dust in the chocolate ice cream and mix.
  • Place in a glass with the other ingredients.
  • Stir with crushed ice, top with more ice and garnish with whipped cream, two chocolate fingers and an oyster waffle.
  • Pour chocolate sauce on the rim of the glass to finish and stick Oreo dust on dripped sauce while sprinkling Oreo dust over the whole cocktail.
  • Voila! Your very own Chocolate Cream Pie!

If you want to put your feet up and leave it to the professionals, do your best Easter bunny impression and hop into an Oh, You Pretty Things champagne bar in Bluewater, Manchester, Leeds, Derby, Gateshead and Lakeside. The Chocolate Cream Pie will be available from March 18th throughout Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Why should only kids have fun this Easter?