Hi, how are you all enjoying your bank holiday weekend? The weather has been holding out so far, time to crack open your stashes of vino / beer / cake / all manner of treats for those special days. I just had to fire up my laptop on my supposed “Day Off” to tell you oh-so-quick, about chocolate.

Bet you’re thinking how I can write a full post on just chocolate. Well, it’s not just any chocolate. This is a special sort of chocolate. Special for two main reasons. Firstly, it’s “Treat Food”. You know, food that you save for a special occasion / rainy day / pick-me-up. Secondly, it’s the mother of all chocolate – Hotel Chocolat.

I’ve tasted chocolate, from high street £2 bars to Harrods’ offerings and in my humble opinion, Hotel Chocolat is the best. Seriously.

I’d be held up at gun-point and forget that I’m about to take my last breath on this mortal coil – such is that heavenly distraction that is Hotel Chocolat. The product that enthralled me this weekend was Hotel Chocolat’s Egg Sandwich. It was an Easter gift from The Dude (he’s a good egg – sorry, couldn’t resist) and I had stashed it for a rainy day.

Well I cracked it open and freaking hell, it’s amazing. I enjoyed it whilst sipping brandy – and I have to say the warm oaky notes of Courvoisier go really well with the zingy strawberry and creamy white chocolate of the Egg Sandwich. Courvoisier is my drink of choice, ideal for kicking back with, raising a toast with, or as an excellent companion when I’m writing.

It goes really well with confectionary and perfect with Hotel Chocolat’s Egg Sandwich.

Back to the egg, which is a different take on your classic Easter egg. And that’s what I love about it. The velvety smooth white chocolate blended in beautifully with both the contrasting strawberry and vanilla, whilst a milk chocolate egg cleverly sandwiched the two “chocolate slab-toasts” in place. I’m something of a chocolate fiend and cannot get enough of Hotel Chocolat. It’s an indulgence that makes you feel as if someone’s giving you a big old bear hug – comforting, warm and above all, it makes you feel a million dollars. Yes, I got all that from eating chocolate. If you don’t get what I mean, then I check out their chocolatey heavenly delights. Because once you go Hotel Chocolat, there’s no going back.