*Complimentary ION8 Water Bottle received for review*

It’s that time of year when your guilty psyche insists upon you hitting the gym to burn off those holiday p0unds you’ve been stockpiling since the end of November (Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year, don’t you think?). I find January seems to be a bit of a comedown, as you play catch up with house-work, hoovering, de-Christmassifying the flat and everything else in between.

One thing you don’t have to worry about when you go to the gym (you will  make it there, I have faith in you, *virtual fist-bump*) is keeping hydrated. I’m on a health kick and it’s the little things that count (having ready-t0-go gym gear, and water bottle for starters). The bottles come in a range of colours that pop. I liked my green bottle as it is one of my favourite colours, which I found it pleasing to the eye.


What’s so great about ION8 Water Bottles? You can use them for both hot and cold drinks (-10°C to 96°C). If I really wanted to, I could easily have my coffee in the ION8 Water Bottle (usual latte which I have at 70°C). Although I prefer drinking coffee in my dedicated coffee mug, the option is there if I ever wanted to have a hot drink on the go and I couldn’t find my go-to travel coffee mug anywhere.

I like how the concave silhouette sits snug in my hand; it was the RedDot Design Award winner in 2016, so I wouldn’t expect anything less. The comfort grip is great too, my favourite feature is the flip lid which I can open with one hand, perfect if I’m reading on my Kindle or if you’re driving. It’s leak-proof, safe (bpa- and phthalate-free, odourless and made from non-toxic Tritan). Here’s a short video so you can see how cool and nifty it is.

Yes I have flipped the lid a few times (it’s oddly addictive and certainly a novelty). For more information about the ION8 Water Bottle range, hop on over to www.ion8.co.uk now.