I’m a big fan of cognac. My usual tipples include Frapin, Courvoisier and Rémy Martin, which is why I was pleased to hear the latter is slinking into Manchester for a rather majestic pop-up. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present for your delectation and pure indulgence, La Maison Rémy Martin Manchester House.

Following the year-on-year success of La Maison Rémy Martin – the private member’s club that opens once a year as a pop-up in the heart of Soho – the iconic cognac brand has spread its wings and will bring the original and lauded concept to the UK’s most dynamic city, Manchester. Based at the illustrious Manchester House, with panoramic views of the city skyline, Rémy Martin invites members and Manchester House regulars to visit the “La Maison Rémy Martin Manchester House” pop-up, open for one week from Tuesday 27th September to Saturday 1st October 2016.

Together with Manchester House, Rémy Martin will once again challenge the conventions of a traditional members’ club, offering its members a variety of unique experiences to explore Rémy Martin’s philosophy spread across different areas of Manchester House.

Celebrating hidden talents and supporting Rémy Martin’s ‘One Life Live Them’ campaign, “La Maison Rémy Martin Manchester House” will play host to a nightly talk, tangible masterclass or workshop provided by some of Manchester’s most celebrated talent and guest speakers who will discuss and explore their hidden passions. Previous La Maison Rémy Martin guest speakers have included The Connaught’s Head Mixologist, Ago Perrone – who showcased his hidden talent for photography – and TV Presenter and fashion model, Jodie Kidd – who discussed her unexpected passion for motor racing. As with London, this year’s series of masterclasses and exclusive talks will pull on local talent from Manchester and the surrounding region, including Manchester House’s own Executive Chef, Aiden Byrne.

Each night “La Maison Rémy Martin Manchester House” will also take guests on a culinary experience with “Opulence Revealed”, a unique and engaging exploration of the notes of their prestige serve Rémy Martin XO with a taste filled and visual masterpiece. Attendees will be educated about the XO serve by Rémy Martin’s Ambassador and will be invited to taste the array of epicurean delights that denounce and pull out the notes of the sublime spirit, providing the ultimate multi-sensory masterclass.

“La Maison Rémy Martin Manchester House” will also play host to the impressive Rémy Martin “Cognathèque” – a beautiful retail space housing a series of Rémy Martin’s finest expressions and exclusive limited editions, offering members with the unique opportunity to sample and purchase hidden treasures, rare blends and creations from the House of Rémy Martin, unavailable to purchase elsewhere. This year, the “Cognathèque” will represent the very first UK point of sale for Carte Blanche à Baptiste Loiseau – an exclusive limited edition created by Rémy Martin’s Cellar Master, Baptiste Loiseau. With this new Edition, Baptiste was given the opportunity to reveal the treasures of the Rémy Martin cellars – a true carte blanche, available from Tuesday 27th September for visitors of the “Cognathèque” to purchase.

La Maison Rémy Martin Manchester House will be accessible for members only. You know what you have to do – to apply for membership please contact [email protected].