Hello All,

How are you doing? The weather is pretty gorgeous today, a little bit on the chilly side, but the sun’s out in full force so it’s all good. I’m holed up in a café in Nottingham doing a spot of blogging and writing. How about you?

This café that I’m in is the 200 degrees Café on Flying Horse Walk in Nottingham. It’s a lovely place. Nice vibe, very boho artist meets slick city dweller. Ordered a caramel latte and the first offering was closer to an Americano with a dash of milk. I like my lattes milky and when I tried to explain this to the waitress, she spoke in a confrontational manner and challenged me saying that all lattes are like that. Not true – I’ve been a coffee drinker for the best part of 15 years and this is the darkest latte I have ever had. The second latte they made (replacement of course) was just a teeny bit lighter than the first. And I couldn’t face going back and asking for more milk. Because then I’d feel particular and pedantic and downright silly.

At £3.50 per cup, it’s not exactly cheap and I’d expect my coffee to be perfect. It’s a pity that the staff are challenging. I was always brought up to believe that the customer is always right. In hospitality, if someone complains, you apologise, get to the root of the problem and ensure you do everything in your power to make it right. End of. The coffee wasn’t how I wanted it to be. It was far from perfect. No one came to ask if my problem had been sorted. I know it’s only a cup of coffee, but I’m big on customer service. And I’m sorry but I feel disappointed.

Will I be back again? I doubt it. Which is a real pity, because I kinda like this place. It’s writer friendly (I had been hoping to spend the afternoon here writing my book). Hey ho, you win some, you lose some. I’m off to another coffee shop (the guy next to me has recommended Atlas and Wired is also very good).

Ciao for now,