One of the joys of working in the city centre, is the proximity to all things good. I love the Intu Centre in Derby, which boasts a range of really great stores, one of which is GrapeTree. This health food store is similar to Holland & Barrett, but feels a little more fun.


It stocks cool products including Manuka honey, crystallised ginger, Stevia and (moreish as hell) chilli crackers. I’ve been in a few times and always wind up having a mooch around for longer than I intended.


Last time I picked up Easiyo yogurt, virgin coconut oil, chia seeds, flax seeds and a massive 1kg bag of cashew nuts. Here is my latest haul. I envision this place to be a boon come Christmas time, to stock up on Christmas cake baking staples efficiently.

Something else I love about Derby’s Intu is the food court, which has a wide selection of food outlets. I’m always in Yo! Sushi (they do the best teriyaki salmon ever) so of course that’s on my list of favourite places in the Intu. Two other eateries that I haven’t mentioned are Tasty Plaice and Yangtze.

Tasty Plaice

Tasty Plaice is a fish and chip store (nice play on words guys), who also happen to do the best chips in town. They’re seasoned or very slightly battered – whatever they are, they’re absolutely gorgeous. They do reasonably priced meal deals too, this here is their £4.99 chicken tikka wrap and chips.

Yangtze is a fast food Chinese, which again do good meal deals, with various options starting at £4.80 for Box A (3 items plus 1 sauce). Check out the special of chicken fried rice, I always ask for extra soy sauce, (it’s better with).


Here’s a close-up of the buffet array. Try to go at the beginning of lunch hour, to skip the queues (and as with any buffet, it will always be fresher).


Of course lunch wouldn’t be complete without coffee; I’d recommend Costa or Muffin Break (see my original post Muffin Break post here).

Which places would you recommend? I’d love to know!