I’ve done a fair bit of travelling this year, and I’m always looking at ways into streamlining my packing. I love packing as much as tardiness, rude folk and cold butter on bread (these just so happen to be my pet peeves).

How can you make packing less a chore and more fun? Whether you work in an industry that involves frequent travel overseas or one that requires a few business trips each year, it can be difficult to decide which items you need to take with you, particularly if it’s only for a few days.

 Travel expert and managing director Peter Jenkins, at Sun-hat Villas and Resorts, specialists in luxury Algarve villas, who also happens to be a well-seasoned globetrotter, has put together a list of do’s and don’t when packing for business trips.

 Hand Luggage Only 

Typically, most professional trips last between one to three days, which means you should pack light and wherever possible, always stick to hand luggage. This will come in handy if you’re suddenly delayed and find yourself rushing between destinations as you won’t have much weight to wheel around – plus it will save time as you’ll be able to breeze past baggage claim. It makes sense to invest in a case that will stand the test of time, especially if you’re away from home quite often. We like this Red Lite-Shock Spinner by Samsonite. Its vibrant colour makes it stand out from the crowd and the four wheel system make it easier to glide through the airport.

 Travel Size

 When packing for any trip, it can be extremely tempting to want to take everything with you, especially your home comforts (I always pack a travel candle). Remember that the hotel or wherever you’re staying should have a number of things you already require, such as shampoos and shower gels. If there are any toiletries you feel you are unable to survive without, buy the miniature versions or decant these into small travel sized bottles available from most big supermarkets and large pharmacies. To save time at security, take into account that these will need to be stored in a clear plastic sealable bag and any electrical goods you have should be at the top of your case.


 The Necessities

 Whilst you don’t want to forget certain items such as your toothbrush, passport, driving licence and of course clothing, there are a few others that you must keep in mind for your packing list.

  • A small amount of currency of the country you’re travelling to is always useful, as there will be times you will be unable to use your card, e.g. in local taxis.
  • A travel charger for your phone, which can be used on the plane and a travel adapter, so you can still use your other electrical items abroad, essential when you want to make sure you don’t lose touch with the office.
  • A Surface Pro or a comparable tablet can really come in handy, their small size makes them great for travelling and should allow you to continue working during your flight or wherever necessary.

It’s also worth including a gym kit. You may have some spare time, your hotel could have fitness facilities or you might even feel in the mood for an energising run.

Don’t Forget To Check-in

Although the beauty of only going away for a few days means you don’t have to check-in a bag, you obviously still need to check-in onto your flight. To save time it’s worth doing this online or via an airlines app. Using an app can be highly advantageous as some can even update you if there are any delays. We like to use British Airways, Jet2, EasyJet and Ryanair. It’s also worth knowing that some airlines fine you if you don’t check-in a certain number of hours before your flight. Each will have different rules, so remember to look into this when you make your booking. 

Handy Hints

If like most of us, you’re one of those travellers who find it frustrating waiting in long queues at customs, try to pick the line where there appears to be other business travellers who know how to get through speedily. Due to their size, families and groups generally tend to have more things and take longer getting through customs – selecting a different line could ensure you reach your next destination or hotel a lot sooner.

If you’re able to reserve a seat online, opt for one in the aisle at the front of the plane or close to the doors, similarly this could also lead you to reaching wherever you’re travelling to slightly quicker when you land.

Do you have any travel tips? I would love to know!