Hey guys! How the devil are you? I know it’s been a while. Just checking in to say that I’m still alive and kicking. What have you lot been up to, anything fun? It’s been a cool few weeks, in between author talks, attending fashion shows, working hard on two novellas and catching up on various blogs, I’ve got enough on my plate to keep me out of mischief.

Now, in a bid to write more on my personal blog, I’ll be posting shorter, punchier posts. Stick with me and look forward to bite-size musings and random thoughts galore from yours truly. I’m currently holed up in this pretty awesome café in Manchester writing my rear off.

After a morning’s writing session, I met for a coffee date with some work colleagues. Now, they are two of the coolest bods I know and we bonded over a mutual love for coffee. So, every once in a while, the Cool Coffee Club (that’s Gal Pal S, Dude D and moi) meet to sip coffee and put the world to rights.

It’s nice to catch up and I think it’s important to make time and connect with like-minded people. We met up at Takk, an Icelandic inspired coffee house which serves yummy coffee and deliciously squidgy brownies.

The icing on the cake is the beyond cool customer service. Although they had sold out all their vegetarian lunch options, Jemma kindly offered to see if they could make me up a sandwich.

After a short list of available ingredients was recited, a melee of falafel, juicy sunblush tomatoes, spicy rocket, hummus, giant couscous, Jarlsberg and lemon and mint dressing magically materialised on chunky ciabatta. And it was heavenly.

This sandwich should be patented, it’s really yum. I have actually taken it upon myself to christen this random concoction.

It’s the ‘Hearty Writer’ and I’ve a feeling I’ll be ordering this (a lot) whenever I frequent Takk. This actually reminds me of Gal Pal A, who ordered a cheese salad naan on a drunken night out and insisted the restaurant make this open sandwich to her specifications forever more (oh the joys of being young and drunk).

Although I prefer writing fiction in the confines of my home (with prerequisite brandy and coffee on tap), I love blogging on the go. I’m constantly on the lookout for cool coffee hangouts and feel privileged that Gal Pal S took me along to check this place out when it first opened earlier this year.

Do you know of any hot places that are off my radar? As long as they serve delicious coffee (wifi is a plus), hit me up.

Now, Takk is a grower. I thought it was fairly cool to begin with (their flat white is moreish and really hits the spot). It’s an utterly fabulous creative space featuring hand roasted direct trade coffee, drip coffee from Iceland, a seriously tasty sandwich menu that changes daily and local Manchester tarts (food, not um, people).

From being a place that does delectable coffee, to an essential hangout place in Manchester, this place has leapfrogged onto my Top Five places in Manchester. From the old school tables replete with scribblings from distracted students in a former life, to the loft-style exposed brickwork and crammed bookshelves, Takk is the place du jour.

It feels like home away from home – and I’m perfectly happy with that. It is cosy, chilled out and attracts a diverse clientele, from professionals grabbing a quick lunch, to creatives hammering out the latest blog (I fall into the latter category).

If you haven’t checked it out, get down here asap guys. I wouldn’t want you to miss out. Must dash, working on another blog as we speak. Laters guys,


*Image from Twitter @takkmcr