Premiere of ‘The Host’ trailer

I love reading, as much as a box vanilla cupcakes (and that’s a LOT). I’m especially interested in film adaptations of books. Moreso now, as I’m currently working on the screenplay adaptation of my debut novel. The big news of this week (apart from The Hunger Games – more on that later) was the first look trailer of The Host. With the Twilight saga drawing to an imminent end (amongst Twihards’ howls of anguish and critics’ cries of relief), the trailer of Stephenie Meyer’s ‘other novel’ has been met with an equally mixed response. Romantic fantasy is clearly Meyer’s comfort zone. Her sci-fi thriller The Host explores a world where aliens rule the Earth and what happens when a human host refuses to submit to its alien invasion.


It’s a pretty simple trailer in that we don’t really see any action as the studio chose to focus on close-ups of Ronan and various random characters. The aerial view from outer space gives the trailer an ‘other-worldly’ feel which is a nice touch. However it would have been great to see more of the lead character Mel Stryder played by the Über talented Saiorse Ronan. The film has a strong supporting cast comprising of Diane Kruger and William Hurt, which I hope to see more of as more meatier trailers are made available nearer to the release time. Circulating a film trailer way ahead of its release is a little odd, but this is no doubt just the opening gambit of the ‘marketing-powers-that-be’. Fans of Meyer will have to wait a full year to see The Host in its entirety. I’m curious to see if Meyer’s novel can replicate the success of the Twilight juggernaut.

The Host is slated for release on 29th March 2013.