With an estimated 2.25billion cups of coffee being drank every day, it is easy to see why coffee manufacturers are flocking to woo coffee drinkers of all levels. I love good coffee and drink it in its two main incarnations; beans and coffee capsules. When using beans, I grind them fresh at the weekend, whereas at work, I tend to use my coffee capsule machine (thank you Krups).


Cru Kafe are self-proclaimed Nespresso® compatible organic coffee pod manufacturers. Made with a 100% aluminium casing renders these pods fully recyclable, which is always good to know. Ethical and eco-friendly, these easy on the eye pods have a distinctly elegant feel.


Now, I am an inquisitive soul. When I taste food or drink, I want to know more about the food and drink that is on my plate or in my glass. What is its provenance? Who created it? What is the brand’s ethos?


With CRU Kafe, the company was borne after co-founder Bodil Blain noticed a friend recycle a Nespresso® capsule using her favourite coffee, and so the seeds were sown in making organic, ethical coffee.


CRU Kafe pride themselves on using only certified organic coffee – how would that translate in the taste test?


I received my letterbox-friendly package containing three ranges; organic light roast, organic dark roast and organic intense roast.


I made the coffee using my Krups coffee machine. I tasted the coffee within 30 seconds of extraction without milk and agave syrup, to get the true flavour of the beans. After tasting it blank, I made notes, then added milk and syrup, to enjoy it properly.


The organic light roast was fragrantly fruity with a definite citrus accent. I could taste mellow caramel and a hint of tea, barely there, but discernible all the same. This would make a great mid-afternoon drink, without giving you a full caffeine hit that one needs first thing in the morning. I had this with a nice piece of shortbread and the vanilla flavours married really well with this coffee.


The organic dark roast had a gorgeously nutty scent. I could detect bittersweet walnuts tempered by dark chocolate. This coffee would be great as a wake-me-up, or paired with a nice piece of chocolate cake, to give the chocolate within the coffee added depth. 


The organic intense roast was very good, and my favourite so far. I love smoky accents, which I tasted of in abundance in this coffee. I could also get notes of dark grilled toast and sticky molasses. Owing to these dark, heavy flavours, I would recommend sipping this coffee alongside a heavy-hitting dessert such as treacle tart, or a nice slab of Christmas cake.



I used an espresso cup’s worth of this in a chocolate cake recipe (I always add coffee to a chocolate recipe to bring out the chocolatey-ness) and it worked a treat.


I had great fun reviewing CRU Kafe. From the cuter-than-a-Chow-on-Christmas-morning packaging to deliciously good coffee, CRU Kafe is one company to watch. For more information about CRU Kafe, or to shop their ranges, hop onto their website now.

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*Complimentary coffee sent to review*