It’s good to be healthy. With the mercurial health industry frequently moving goalposts that raise more questions (Is calorie counting necessary? Are fats good for you?), it can be difficult to understand what is good for the body.

I’ll be honest – I haven’t seen the gym in a while. And as I look to overhaul my diet to eat more healthily, I have been on the lookout for healthier food and drink. [Note to self – I must not use the word ‘diet’, instead considering it as a lifestyle choice. Gaaaaah – this is the sound of me screaming into my pillow.]

I was intrigued by the PR for Flyte Clean Energy Drink. A lightly sparkling energy drink, made by a British brand, that has less calories than an apple? Hell yes I’m intrigued.

A little about me – I have a very (very) sweet tooth, I’m prone to snacking and I love my coffee. What piqued my interest was that Flyte Clean Energy Drinks contain a double shot of organic caffeine, meaning I could technically cut back on my beloved lattes (I have circa four a day, bite me.).

The Flyte Clean Energy Drink range consists of two flavours; green mango, and red berries. First up, the green mango. Imagine a firm, fragrant, very slightly under-ripe mango and you’ve got the scent down pat. Whilst pouring into a glass, I detected a hint of crisp apple too. It was easy to drink and I found the bubbles not too effervescent. I sipped it chilled and liked it for the first few minutes. This drink is a grower… remember that sweet tooth I told you about? I prefer sweeter notes, yet after my palate had gotten used to the refreshing flavour profile (there is something intoxicating about the mango scent), I wound up loving it. I can imagine having this in the fridge to combat a mid-morning slump, or even just as a nice beverage over ice.






The red berry drink Flyte Clean Energy Drink was sweeter, which meant that I liked it faster than the mango drink. With a slightly pink hue, this drink is easier on the eye. I loved the forest fruit scent, and I got a definite hit of cherry whilst sipping this particular drink.

I tasted two of the drinks on consecutive days at the same time. I found myself craving less coffee on those two days – that will be the organic caffeine. In the past, when I have tried to go cold turkey, be it giving up cake (NOOOOO!) to relinquishing coffee, I find my success hampered due to the cravings getting the better of me. I have tried a new approach of weaning myself of a particular ingredient, so to incrementally reduce the ingredient in my life. When I was drinking Flyte Clean Energy Drink, I had two coffees less that day. I know that Flyte contains organic caffeine, and this was no doubt sating my caffeine craving, but if it means I’m drinking less coffee in the day, so I’m therefore having less milk and sweetener, that has to be, in my opinion, a good thing.

I would buy Flyte Clean Energy Drink, and I’m not going to give you the schpiel of why you should. Why I would buy, is because it is non-GMO, free from added sugar and artificial sweeteners, and the company care about the environment (every bottle is made from recyclable glass).

A quick Google search has shown me that I can purchase online; for the full range of stockists and more information about Flyte Clean Energy Drink click here.

*Flyte Clean Energy Drinks exchanged for honest review*