Review Requests

I’m a passionate foodie who loves spreading the word about delicious food, great spaces and smiling faces. The majority of my reviews are forked out (pun intended) by myself. Due to an increasing amount of review requests, I am having to set down some guidelines (as I want to afford books, food and rent you see). Take a peek at these guidelines here:

  • Meals or lunches are usually for 2 people. It’s no fun dining solo and I love chatting to my dining partner about their dish. If there’s more food ordered, there is more to write about.
  • A budget is decided pre-dining, so I can enjoy my meal without the faff and potential ick-factor of unpleasant surprises post-meal.
  • I’m PR friendly too, so if you’re a cool agency bod who wants me to review your gorgeous eatery, drop me a note on [email protected].

I look forward to connecting with you fine foodie folk.


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