*Complimentary stationery from Rymans*

I write. A lot. For clients, it is factual-corporate press release writing. For my personal writing, I can get a little more creative, and that is where the fun starts. Yes I may have the hand-writing of a five year old (make that six if I really concentrate), but I find the act of writing great fun.

Some find writing therapeutic, saying that it clears the mind, and that the decluttering of mental space is conducive to enhanced wellbeing. This ties in well with the trend over the past few years to use colouring books to encourage mindfulness.

For me, I find it helps me express latent thoughts and emotions. I write in many different environments, ranging from cafés where I people-watch sipping a flat white (extra hot, extra wet if you’re asking), to the cosy confines of my flat (liberal shot of brandy in hand). You don’t have to be in the mood to write – you just have to get what you’re thinking and feeling out onto paper.

I always carry around my pen and note-book tucked into my make-up bag. My travel note-book is seriously small that can fit into the most compact of clutch-bags (I have a seemingly endless stash of mini-notebooks to fit into my Fendi).

I started bullet journaling earlier this year in a bid to organise myself more, and to see what the cool kids were chatting about. Have you seen the videos on YouTube? I could honestly spend hours looking at gorgeous BuJo spreads. To the initiated, a bullet journal (or BuJo) is in its most basic form, a note-book. Unlike a pre-designed planner, the content, layout and design is entirely up to you. Think of bullet journaling as your mini-bible that keeps you organised and lets you get creative.

Which is why the Leuchtturm 1917 is perfect for making it your own, and in particular, fulfilling your bullet journal needs.


It’s the size of an A5 book, with a handy contents page. Thereafter, lies page upon page of dotty goodness. This is great if like me, you can’t draw in a straight line. It just helps you to stay that little bit focused, without impeding creativity. I will be populating the Leuchtturm with some festive doodles and new year’s resolutions in a standalone post, so do watch this space.

I am using PaperMate gel pens that I find are great when I’m writing in a hurry, because they don’t smudge. The blurb says that the ink flow on the PaperMate is fast, which obviously speeds up the writing process.

To accentuate certain sections, I am using Stabilo Boss Original Highlighters. I didn’t know this, but they’re actually refillable (cool, right?), so next time, I’ll be checking out the refills for these snazzy pens.


I am a somewhat messy writer, and bullet journaling is helping me to be neater, as I concentrate on the actual lettering and not just dash something off in a hurry. I find Post-It Notes are a good way of adding depth to a page, and especially as a book-mark when folded over to draw attention a particular page or section when the Leuchtturm is closed.

I will continue writing in my new BuJo, thank you Rymans for the wonderful stationery care-package. To buy the Leuchtturm 1917 note-book and other super stationery, hop onto the Rymans website now, or stalk them on social media, on their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.