Hello guys! How are you? I hope you’re all well and having a blast. As a few of you know, I had my first official book signing earlier this month and had an absolute blast. Thank you so much to all the readers who came and hung out with me, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you all and speak with you. This is absolutely my favourite part of the book process.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore the writing aspect. I love giving my characters a voice, I totally dig that their actions come spilling out of me as I furiously write before I forget what they told me (it’s a writer thing, the characters speaking with you, trust me). But yes, after spending months in what seems like solitary confinement, it’s freaking awesome to get to see the readers of your book. And when they speak to you about your characters like they’re real, it brings me out in goose-bumps. (To writers out there, what have you found to be the best thing about holding your book signing? Hit me up, would love to know!)

I hosted the book event at The Rhode Island Café in town. I thought it was a quaint touch, because I wrote whole swathes of the book in the café, and it was heart-warming to come full circle. I also love giving something back to the community and donated 15% of book proceeds and 100% of a charity raffle to the charity Bolton Young Persons’ Housing Scheme (BYPHS). This charity do amazing work for troubled teens, providing youth with a warm, safe place to stay when they really need it. Maura Jackson is one of the most passionate people I have met, her compassion for the charity and commitment really shines through in her daily work and the way she speaks about BYPHS. If you would like to donate, please get in touch with Maura, or by clicking here. I managed to raise just over £100 and it was an absolute pleasure to meet Maura.
snowflakes poster3 2014
I must say a massive thank you to all those who donated gifts, especially Cake Delight and Beales. Now, Cake Delight do the best cakes EVER, trust me. Their cupcake frosting is legendary and sponges light as air. They’ve also got a thoroughly fabulous Christmas cake selection, so if you’re stuck for some Christmas goodies, do contact them by clickity clicking here.

It was a manic few days up north. The day kicked off with a Bolton FM Radio interview with the lovely Lucy Robinson, here is the link to my interview. It’s the 1pm segment, but if you wanted to listen to cool music, switch on the podcast and chillax with a hot chocolate or brandy, whatever floats your boat. We had a lovely chat and got on like a house on fire (we’re both creative bods with caffeinated quirky thoughts). Lucy can be found gracing the airwaves at Bolton FM, please do check out her radio show on Bolton FM, it’s packed chockfull of zippy tunes and thought provoking conversation.

The day of the signing was something of a blur for me, as it was something of a surreal (albeit wonderful) dream come true. Having something happen in actuality which you otherwise only imagined is a very powerful thing. I had to pinch myself throughout the day, because it felt like a Dali dream sequence.

And I enjoyed the whole shebang so much, I’ll be hosting more book signings around the country. I have Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Manchester to plan for, readers from these places and beyond, it would be lovely to meet you. I’ll post details once they’re firmed up, so do keep your eyes peeled.

Last but not least, I must say a massive thank you to Mom, the family and Gal Pal Lucy Lou. You’ll never know how much I appreciated your help on the day (and in my life in general). Love you all!