Hey all, how are you all doing? With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I have a special treat for fellow foodies in Derby (and beyond).

Do you have a favourite thing in the whole wide world? It could be your snuggliest cashmere Prada jumper, or a hug from Mom. Once you’ve sipped a Shakin’ It milkshake, be prepared to make that your favourite thing on the planet (sorry Mom).

If you haven’t heard of Shakin’ It, where on earth have you been? Nestled in Intu Derby (near Marks & Spencers), Shakin’ It do the most amazing milkshakes on the planet. Seriously. Cadbury’s Caramel, Munchies (my personal favourite), Green & Blacks, Turkish Delight, Smarties, Snickers, Wispa and Matchmaker Orange are just a few delicious concoctions to tantalise your tastebuds.

I have teamed up with the lovely Shakin’ It bods in the Intu Derby and managed to snaffle 10 vouchers for a free milkshake. How cool is that? So how does this magical oasis of a milkshake bar work?

You simply rock up at Shakin’ It (I always dress up with a ribbon in my hair as it always feels like a treat), take a looksee at their menu and pick a cup size (junior, regular or large). Add any topping or sauce and if you go large, you get free cream and Flake. Let the smiley happy Shakin’ It bods know if you prefer a milk, yogurt or dairy-free base and as if by magic, the special Shakeologist will blend your special shake in a few minutes. If you’re feeling healthy and have a diet regime to stick to, you can check out Shakin’ It Fruit Fusion Shakes, and with names such as Berry Energiser and Tropical Delight, you’ll feel you’re on your hols in dreary February (win-win)!

For Valentine’s Day, Shakin’ It have got an exclusive shake, here is the beauty. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’ve named her Sweetheart. (I give food and cool product names that I’ve fallen in love with; for example my KitchenAid at home is named Baby Pistachio. Yes I’m quirky, it’s all good.)

Shakin It-288

Do you want to win a dreamy, creamy Shakin’ It milkshake? Has the menu got you craving a milkshake fix? You can enter this cool draw in one of two ways:

  1. Hop onto Twitter and follow me (@Amber_Tesia) AND Shakin’ It (@shakinitderby). Then Tweet us both using hashtag #MyMilkshakeBringsAllTheBodsToTheYard.
  2. Email me on [email protected] with hashtag #MyMilkshakeBringsAllTheBodsToTheYard in the subject heading of the email.
  3. For an extra free entry, hop onto Instagram and follow me (@foodbookcritic) and Shakin’ It (@shakinitderby). Please let me know via Twitter that you’ve also followed us both on Instagram, so that I can make a note of the extra entry.

Note: you need to follow both me and Shakin’ It on Twitter to have 1 entry into the draw. Please only enter this draw if you can make it into Derby before 31st March 2016. Why?

Because the Shakin’ It milkshake bar is in the Intu Derby. You will have to use the voucher at Derby Intu store by 31st March 2016. (Although why you’d want to hang onto it is beyond me, it’s such a fabulous treat, I’d redeem straight away.)

I’ll collate the entries and draw the winners on Sunday 7th February. Good luck to all, I’ll contact the winners as soon as I know who they are. Keep your eyes peeled for more Valentine’s Day foodie news. See you soon!