Spinach Sandwich Recipe – Surprisingly DELISH!

Hello! How are you? Hope you’re all well and not too chilly on this mighty cold Tuesday night in Derby. I hear snowfall is on the way, which means it’s time to get those moon boots out (more on that in a different post). This is a super quick post to say that I made the most delicious sandwiches on earth – as a foodie blogger serious about good food, you’ve got to trust me on this one.

spinach sarnie

The filling was surprisingly delicious, because I’ve never been a fan of spinach. Yes, you heard that right. Spinach. In between bread. It’s just one of those ingredients I always thought was “blah”. I guess I grew up having my family try to force-feed me spinach, because it’s full of iron (I was mildly anaemic, back in the day). And this may sound incredibly childish, but when someone told me to do something, I’d go ahead – and do the exact opposite. I always used to feel sorry for Popeye, because I was convinced that his passion for the green stuff was contrived and brought on by over zealous parents who also force-fed him those darned greens.

OK, back to the sandwiches. With my trusty Kenwood in tow, I blitzed 300g leafy spinach then mixed with a fistful of creamy Cheddar, 1 avocado, 200g (about half a can) five bean salad, 5 diced cherry tomatoes, a generous swiggle of garlic infused olive oil, 100g sweetcorn, 350g cottage cheese and cubes of spicy chorizo (4 medium fried and cooled). The result was altogether scrumptious, especially sandwiched between thick slices of buttered seeded Tiger loaf. The consistency of the filling was similar to pesto and can therefore be used in pasta, as a dip for crostini or in salads. I tell you, staying  in on these cold winter nights with a good book and heavenly sandwich is perfect. If you try this recipe, do let me know how you found it. I’d love to hear from you.

Sweet dreams,


PS all ingredients were from nouveau affaire du jour Lidl, which has fresh, cheap and good quality produce. Watch out for their Tiger loaf (they bake bread instore the morning) and fresh chorizo. It’s  the best chorizo I’ve ever tasted.