Superb Sporting Weekend with Wimbledon and F1. My oh my…

Hello World,

How are you? Hope you’re all well and enjoying the delicious weather so far. It’s been a busy few weeks and I just wanted to jump on the blog to say it’s been a magnificent sporting weekend. After England lucked out (the World Cup didn’t really grab me, because our team kind of tanked – yes Steven Gerrard I’m looking at you), I soon found alternative means to get my sporting fix. I got sucked into Formula 1, mainly because The Dude was glued to it. And it’s such a glam sport, despite the unfortunate onesies worn by the drivers (as if Ricciardo et al didn’t have enough to worry about).

I was oddly gutted that Nico was forced to drop out (gearbox gremlins), but his loss was only Lewis Hamilton’s gain as our Brit hero had a clean and somewhat easy run with a good 40 seconds+ spare with a lagging Bottas et al behind him.
And then came Wimbledon, with an epic final between titans Federer and Djokovic.

untitled (5)Now, I’ve always rooted for the underdog to win since I was kid. Except there was no real underdog in today’s final, leaving me in something of quandary. I always like choosing a team and sticking to it, like pledging my loyalty as a dedicated fan-girl (I will be heart and soul #TeamJacob from Twilight for EVER).

Both Federer and Djokovic played some amazing tennis, and I found myself applauding every breath-taking point, regardless of who knocked it out of the park. (Tennis should be called “the beautiful game” instead of football, because you just can’t imagine an animated Federer baring his teeth to get a bite out of Djokovic.) And I know that the picture above isn’t from the final. But it’s my favourite one of Djokovic, because I adore fun, quirky characters (being a little quirky myself, self-appreciation starts at home).

So, all in all it as a wonderful weekend, which went by in a lazy, hazy daze. It was actually a long weekend, because it was The Dude’s birthday on Friday where we spent the day chilling out, followed by dinner and drinks in Sheffield. I’d just like to say a big thank you to the staff at Piccolino’s for the scrummy meal, delectable Prosseco and mouth-watering chocolate truffles. You guys made it an extra special day; to anyone looking for good and pretty food that’s substantial and tasty in enchanting surroundings, get thee down to Piccolino’s. You won’t be disappointed.

The four day week leads me nicely onto my next point; I read a piece in the Independent that a doctor is championing a four day working week for the UK. The end goal is for the working population to enjoy an enhanced quality of living by decreasing stress levels and spending more time with the family and loved ones. I have been advocating the four day week since forever and couldn’t agree with this doctor more. Expect a standalone post on the back of these scientific findings, because I could wax lyrical about the four day week and how it can only mean good things for an individual and the larger economy.

OK, I really must dash, it’s going to be a manic week and I still have to cram in some beauty sleep. Sweet dreams World and congratulations once again to Djokovic and Federer (to the latter, there’s always next year; it’ll fly by, trust me and before you know it, 2015 will be upon us)…