Get the summer vibe started with the first German Bierfest in Derby

Wait no more as the first Bierfest is coming to Market Place from 26th–29th May. Guests are promised to have amazing experiences about German culture at the centre of Derby.

Don’t you just love bank holidays? With a long weekend in sight, I heard some pretty cool news that totally made my Friday. The first German Bierfest is headed to Derby, and I cannot WAIT!

So, what exactly is German Bierfest?  It is formed on the concept of a sommerfest or summer fest. Normally, there will be market stalls, a beer garden and various fun-fairs. Introducing the first Bierfest to Derby, the organisers hope to make it an annual event. “We want to bring a new attraction to the Midland sand we expect up to 10,000 people”, said Carsten Raun, Festival Director.

Coming to the Bierfest, visitors will immerse themselves in the vintage setting of a traditional German Village populated by wooden huts. Here, guests can find all kinds of original products from hot delicious wurst to luscious sweets and unique souvenirs. In addition, there is a Bier Garden where visitors can enjoy a cold German beer in the relaxing ambiance of a summer day. A Sekt Garden nearby is an exclusive area that offers an opportunity to taste the famous Sekt or German sparkling wine. Not far away is Fun Time Area with various funfair games such as Hau den Lukas, familiar bull-riding, shooting hut.

Opposite to the mellow and easygoing atmosphere of the outdoors market, the party feeling fills up the Fest Tent. A German band will entertain revellers all night with live music and performances. Guests will be seated next to one another by the long tables and benches. There is a limited seating of 1000 people, so it is advisory to book tickets online.

Derby Bierfest promotes authentic cultural experiences. Three types of beer namely Bavarian Weißbier, Festbier and Craftbier are presented by Bavarian Festbeer Brewery, located in the north of Bavaria, Germany. With respect to long-standing traditions, brewing expertise and perfect flavor, the brew master has come up with a distinctive brew for theBierfest. In addition, a selection of savory German delicacies such as Schnitzel, Brezel, Hendl is available at the Bier Garden and inside the Fest Tent.

Derby German Bierfest is open daily from 26th – 29th May 2016. Entrance is free in the German Village. Regarding the Fest Tent, it is free entrance on Thursday and Sunday and £5 on busy Friday and Saturday.

Children are welcome in the German Village and only on Sunday in the Fest Tent. The age limit for the Fest Tent on other days except Sunday is 18+.

For tickets, go to website: now.  For more information, please email: [email protected] or phone: +44 20 3239 5070.

See you all then!