The Great Nottingham Show: 13th – 15th June 2014. Miss it, miss out.

Hello wonderful people,
How are you all doing? I bet you’re enjoying the sun (when it makes an appearance) and that the rain holds off. I’m in York tomorrow and am hoping for a clement day, because I’ve never been there before. I’ll be holed up at The Royal York Hotel and because I’m a coffee / pudding fiend, will also try and take a few pics of the desserts on offer there. You know, call it a virtual “Na na na na na”.

Sticking to the foodie theme (my favourite theme EVER), I was fortunate enough to see via Twitter more information on The Great Nottinghamshire Show in Old Market Square from 13th-15th June 2014. I love Nottingham, and that coupled with excellent live music, food and drink, (real ale I tell you, REAL ALE!) makes this one of the highlights in my calendar.

There’s something for everyone, as the impressive roster of activities includes crafts, art, food, drink and live music. From a mini cinema for the children to an outdoor restaurant, the show is a real treat and great celebration of all that is awesome about Nottingham. Pop along that weekend and mingle with salt of the earth Nottingham-ites, nibble on the best delicious local food and sip on an ice-cold beer whilst basking in the sun (it’s going to be a glorious sunny day, trust me, I’ve checked). One of the stalls I cannot wait to check out is the Creperie, which serves hot off the griddle crepes. I’m gunning for Nutella and strawberries, or something with white chocolate. What are you favourite flavours?

Tex Mex street-food by Nachos_Amigos, award-winning gourmet cheeses from The Cheddar Cheese Company, home-made preserves from The Cherry Tree Preserves, candy carts from The West Bridgford News, The Parlour West Bridgford for scrummy, yummy cupcakes the list of must-see places is endless.

And don’t even get me started on the music. Nottingham’s vibrant music scene is eclectic, fun and with a line-up that makes Glasto look tame (Jay-Z who?), I cannot wait to hear these bands “do their thang”. I’m always on the lookout for catchy new music and it doesn’t get much fresher than upcoming outfits.

Some of the bands playing include: The Gorgeous Chans, Seas of Mirth, The Idolins, Alta Pueblo, Rob Green, The Georgie Rose Band, The Cadets, North Road, Fans of The Breakfast Club, Three Girl Rhumba, Martin Sanders, Josh Kemp, Royston Duxford (what a cool name), One Girl, One Boy, Tazer, Frazer Lowrie, Up, Dowdie Masiko, Ryan Thomas, Adam Peter Smith and last but not least, The Corridors. If you’re bored of your tired, three year old Spotify playlist, come and check out these ab fab bands.

Have you ever been to Nottingham? It’s one of the most cosmopolitan cities I’ve ever lived in. And with The Great Nottinghamshire Festival on which is a fantastic platform for talent both local and national, Nottingham is well worth a daytrip. I’ll be there with bells on bopping away to the cool music and munching on a crepe. See you there. Don’t be late.

Mucho love,