Hey guys,

How are you? Hope you’ve all been keeping well and out of mischief! This is going to be my fastest post ever (my fingers are running amok over my beloved keyboard as I keep a furtive eye on my mobile clock). I’m rushing because I need to have a shower and settle down with my brandy whilst I watch #TheTaste (too much information but I tend to ramble, bite me). I know I can record the darn programme, but watching TV is such a social activity nowadays, that I find it nice to Tweet opinions whilst semi-glued to the box.

Have you guys been watching it? I wasn’t sure about the format or concept (how can you decide if you like a dish from just one bite?). Still, it makes for downright addictive viewing. Watching the celebrity chefs impart ahem, their wise words of wisdom is great. What’s more entertaining is when the chefs, the crème de la crème do a boo boo. Last week Luscious Ludo got it so wrong when he advised Kirsty to add extra sugar to her spoon. When Yotam Ottolenghi declared the obvious, the look on Ludo’s face was priceless and if Kirsty could say I told you say “I told you so”, she would.

Who is your favourite to win? My money is on Guan, although Dixie is one to watch out for too. As for the chefs, well I do like watching Ludo. He’s so passionate in the kitchen, and I’ve made it a point to go check out one of his restaurants before I die (I’d Google now but I just don’t have the time). As for Nigella, well doesn’t she wear the most gorgeous of frocks? Loving her dresses and tresses (if I rolled out of bed and looked like her, I’d be a happy bunny). OK, profuse apologies for the rushed and rambly post, but needs must. Tonight’s episode features recipes handed down from generations, which should be interesting. Expect more spicy goodness from Kalpna and Raj and avant garde but scrummy dishes from Guan. OK, really must dash. I promise to do a more in-depth post about #TheTaste as soon as I get the time.

Ciao for now,