Triple über quick update…

Hey guys, hope all swell! It’s been another manic few weeks, where the hell is time going? With September around the corner and the advent of a new season, there’s a tonne of stuff to add to my already burgeoning To Do List. Writing commitments and events galore ranging from foodie festivals to fashion shows, are keeping me out of mischief. So, that’s me in a teeny tiny nutshell. How about you? Hope you’ve been lucky enough to catch some rays. Apparently we’re on the cusp of another heat-wave, but then again, what do the weathermen know? I tell you, getting ready in the morning and choosing an outfit is next to impossible these days. The number of times I’ve indulged in cheerful optimism at the initially glorious weather, only to squelch home in my soaking sandals is one time too many.

Ok, so back on track. The Bolton Food & Drink Festival finished yesterday and my God was it awesome. Kudos to Bolton Council for organising a fabulous event. I was walking through town earlier this morning, and seeing the vacant stalls was really saddening. I wish there was a Food & Drink Festival all year round (wishful thinking I know). Never mind, only another year to go for the next one! I’m just in middle of doing the write-ups for the Festival, so keep your eyes peeled for Q&As with the utterly fabulous Aldo Zilli, Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood and James Martin.

I’m also working on a fashion piece, focussing on key hair trends for AW13. Chick B is totally rocking a braid today, so expect a piece on that imminently. Must dash, I’m currently juggling lunch and writing.

Laters Taters (sorry, I still have food on the brain).