With 2020 literally around the corner, now is the time to take stock of a lightning quick 2019. How was this year for you? I hope you managed to fulfil your dreams and goals, both personal and professional.



As we enter a new decade (that sounds rad, right?), I felt it only fitting to do some solid thinking about my goals for 2020. I was armed with one of my notebooks (don’t worry, I have a gazillion) and started to write. Then I stopped.


It’s not that I didn’t know what to write. God knows I have a tonne of stuff whizzing around in my head at the rate of knots. It is that I had too much to think about. Clarity is always good, but what could I do to achieve this?


I needed a hand.


Have you met Jordon Groves?

He’s a life coach.


I first met this powerhouse when he was my personal trainer around a decade ago (when I was my leanest – more on that in a different post). Jordon is a TEDX Speaker, life-coach and all-round good egg and smiley person.


We’ve been connected on social media for some time, which is why, when the opportunity arose to get clarity on goals and my life in general, I grabbed the chance with both hands.


And so it was, that I was scheduled for a telecon with Jordon one wintry evening.


The call lasted an hour. We covered my goals, aspirations, career, health, purpose and fulfilment.



It felt more like a chat with an old friend, which is always nice. During the telephone conversation, I took notes in my notebook, and I have expanded on these that will form the basis of my goals in 2020. For example, I will be spending more time on my books and writing fiction. This means I need to be really militant with my time, as I already juggle The-Day-Job, plus my blog where I wax lyrical about food and books. The take-away from me putting my writing as an area of focus, is that I need to finish the current book series in 2020, to write a new, standalone book independent of The Screaming Snowflakes Saga. I will also be offering a food consultancy service to eateries who need advice on how to get more bums on seats – if you need more information about this, do drop me an email.


Jordon is that rare creature who is genuine and has a real passion for life. A conversation with him will leave you uplifted and ready to seriously think about how you can improve your life. Because only you can do that, it all starts with you. Sometimes people need a helping hand, and that is fine.


If you need a hand with clarity and goal-setting, I recommend you connect with Jordon.


You can catch Jordon on social: Instagram|YouTube

How do you organise yourself? I’d love to know. Please Tweet me, or comment right here. I hope you had a great Christmas, and all the best for 2020.

*Journal Photo by Alexa Williams on Unsplash