I hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday! What are your wedding priorities? For me, it is wedding cake, wedding dress and wedding food. That’s it, those three areas is what I’m focusing on.


As I come across head-turning suppliers who stop me in tracks, I’ll be sure to post about them here. Instead of stockpiling pivotal information, I’ll be hopping online and writing a quick blog, much like the one you’re reading right now. This is because I am about to get busier (more news on that later, I promise), and I am now aiming to do shorter, punchier and more frequent posts, instead of the usual monthly blog.


Today’s PSA, or “public service announcement” for those who don’t dig social media (which is where these acronyms are rife) is wedding cake baker Pasticceria Lorena.


I first came across her on Instagram, where her page was giving me serious cake envy. Lorena bakes luxurious handcrafted Italian cakes, not just for weddings, but for pretty much any celebratory occasion. Lorena also runs a Pastry Club, where esteemed members can collect homemade Italian pastries from Nottinghamshire every month. Like you really needed an excuse to visit Nottingham, which also happens to be one of my favourite spaces in the UK. 



I have a soft spot for Italian desserts, in fact, I have always loved rum babas. My earliest memory of these juicy delights is ogling a box of Marks & Spencers rum babas, aeons ago, when I was a teenager.


This must have been the 80s. (See, I have always had good food taste, seemingly inheriting an impeccable palate from my mum). Nowadays, I find it rare to see rum babas anywhere, be it on restaurant menus or supermarkets. What’s all that about? Come on you chefs, bring back these spongy, rum-soaked beauties onto your menus stat. 


Another Italian dessert I am loving hard is Sicilan cannoli, which I can’t seem to get enough of. I know that Lorena makes both cannoli and rum babas, because I have spent time on her page thinking about what it would taste like. And because she makes two of my favourite desserts, it made sense to tap her up for a wedding cake quote. 


I’ve been in touch with Lorena and I’m in the process of getting booked in for a wedding cake consultation. I’ll let you know how I get on with that, which I can’t wait for, because discussing and sampling cake is well, heaven, right?


Once the consultation has happened, I’ll be sure to hop on here and report back. I did really want to go wedding cake tasting with my BFF, but logistics and geography is hampering that fun event. BFF lives in Manchester, I live in Derby.


In the meantime, I’m making a note of fabulous wedding cake makers, curating a list and compiling pivotal information here for your ease and delectation.


Find out more about Lorena by visiting her website and stalking her on the ‘Gram

*Image source Pixabay for all photos in this wedding blog post*


What are your wedding priorities? Is there something that is non-negotiable, like say a 2 tier wedding cake (sorry I have cake on the brain) that you’ve just got to have? I would love to know.


Have a lovely day and I hope that your wedding planning is going well.