What, Friday ALREADY..?

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all well. I’m literally just ducking in for a quick “High Five” (the picture below now makes sense), before I get back to my writing.

Borat_34947730One of the joys of being a writer is that you have to be really disciplined. And I’m finding that I have to be really selfish with my time (advance grovelling apologies to mates who I keep blowing off).

The weather is beyond gorgeous, which of course makes it all the more difficult staying indoors glued to my laptop. I’m not a fan of writing longhand, but I recently visited a friend who has a pretty house in the country. Writing in a field (yes, a field, on a bench, whilst horses viewed me with passive ignorance) was really cool. Of course it was totally romanticized in my head (I had to wear my flowy top whilst I pretended I was Austen and keeping it real in the country).

Ice-creamSo, in between writing, enjoying the weather, coveting ice-cream (I’m trying to be good) and spring cleaning, this month is melting away oh so quickly (see, I still have ice-cream on the brain). I’ve also been on a major de-cluttering spree and binned all my audio cassettes. Memories, old and new, but also a hell of a lot of clutter were destroyed after hours of procrastination. I felt queasy relief as I emptied out hundreds of tapes into the bin, because I was inadvertently waving goodbye to a part of my kidulthood (I’ve had some tapes since I was a precocious fifteen year old). But needs must. I’m currently riding the Ruthless Rollercoaster – what I don’t need, I’m getting rid of. So, that’s me so far. How are you lot doing? Do you find it difficult binning things of sentimental value? Just curious, I’d love to know what you think.

Being constructive has its merits, because all that hard work meant I was in for a reward (oh come on, it was really difficult binning that 1990s compilation tape with Whigfield and other pop crimes against nature).

One of my favourite pastimes is dining out and I happen to have checked out some really cool places where mouth-watering desserts and scrummy Bellinis were the order of the day. Expect standalone blogs on the back of that, with foodie reviews on The Albert Square Chop House and more recently, The Grill (New York Street). See you soon, I promise not to stay away too long. Smooches galore…