Woah, where has the weekend gone..?

Hey guys,

Can’t believe it’s been a week already! Thought I’d have more time (what was I thinking?), so here’s just a quick one to check in. What’s it like where you are? It’s flipping freezing here and I have a streaming cold to boot (too much information I know), but I think the sherry is helping. Rock on summer!
It’s been a busy week here in the UK. Watching London Fashion Week in February always fills me with an edifying sense of dread that time really is flying by wahey too fast as I review clothes for A/W 2012. I mean, there’s a good 11 months to go, right..? Still, there were some horrors and some flashes of brilliance. One of my highlights was Vivienne Westwood totally rocking her cargos (she is my guru). Victoria Beckham is another designer du jour. Not only is she a fantastic clothes horse, she has an amazing eye for detail (I frequently covet her dresses in Selfridges). I’ll be posting more on fashion, food, film and everything else in between in the coming weeks. So, keep in touch and stay cool!