Another flying visit (I could give Superman a run for his money)

Hey guys,

Hope all is well with you! How are you on this fine Thursday? It’s nearly the weekend (woohoo), but if you’re a writer, I find there’s no such thing “as time off”. Fellow writers will know what I’m talking about. I hardly ever switch off, because I’m constantly analysing / reviewing books (even when I’m reading for pleasure) or cooking up a crazy plot-line for my latest book.

Annywaay, I’m not one to wish my life away, but I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’ll be live-blogging from The Market Place in Bolton for its annual Fashion Show and because I have a passion for fashiofashionn (rolls eyes at cliché), I couldn’t help myself to pop along despite the crazy chocca week I’ve had so far. Look forward to punchy tweets and Instagrammed pics galore, in addition to the most up to date fashion news on the high street.

Ciao for now,