I liken Oliver’s to the weather phenomenon of ‘light poles’. Like ‘light poles’, Oliver’s is a ridiculously cool, rare, and natural phenomenon on earth, which I cannot help but gawk at in wonder.


I popped into Oliver’s nestled on Friargate Derby, to review this weekend. It’s beautiful inside, a cosy warmth dispelling your inner chill as you come in out of the blustery, downright dismal outdoors. The golden wood and comfy booths, are chalet-esque in nature; next time, I may be tempted to wear my snow-boots to really get in the mood and pretend I’m vacationing in Klosters.

We took a seat in the spacious booth and I checked out the menu with the intensity of Kate Capshaw about to devour that apple in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Yes I was hungry, and I couldn’t wait to tuck in. It’s a compact menu, serving light bites, breakfast, brunch and some decent wine. We kicked off with a couple of lattes, that were very pretty to look at and which delivered a good, caffeinated earthy hit.


I loved the glasses, insulated to keep drinks warmer for longer (good call Oliver’s). The addition of Lindt chocolate was a nice touch too; good chocolate is always a welcome addition.

I went for the full English breakfast sans bacon (sausages, mushrooms, beans, hash browns, eggs, bloomer toast).


The plate was bigger than my head and came mounted with lush breakfast goodies. Sausages were meaty and perfectly seasoned. Baked beans were creamy and still retained that all important sauce. Hash browns were crispy with a wonderfully light chew. Mushrooms were gorgeous and beautifully caramelised. I loved the pillow-light bloomer bread, which was perfect with lashings of soft butter. Now, I’m not a fan of eggs, but I’m trying to eat more of them in a bid to eat healthier. I’m glad I tried the scrambled eggs, because they were delightful. Chives and foaming butter was the delectable base of these bad boys; the flavour really came through rendering this one unforgettable dish which is on my Top Twenty List of best meals I have ever eaten.

It is attention to detail which makes Oliver’s stand out from the crowd. From quirky décor (yes, they have a chocolate tree, yes, it’s totally cool) to delicious food that you wish you could cook yourself, this place ticks all the right boxes.

Another thing I love about Oliver’s is their selection of home-made treats. Check out these slabs of Rocky Road goodness.


How about some very special flap-jacks?


A special shout-out to Lisa,  Cassandra and the lovely team who work tirelessly to create a magical atmosphere which is heart-warming and convivial in equal measure.

Oliver’s fills your soul with fun, love, and happiness, and I think someone like Trump would benefit from visiting Oliver’s. Five minutes seated in a booth and eating those heavenly eggs, I bet he’d forget about world domination and all those pesky executive orders he’s signed.

Oliver’s is the perfect spot for a light luncheon, hearty brunch date, business lunch, or coffee pit-stop for a 10 minute time-out. Oliver’s also hosts parties, events, meetings, and do private catering (ask for those luscious eggs if you do go).

This forward-thinking café has a range of exciting events planned in the upcoming months, including Hygge Nights and Crafternoon Teas. Keep your eyes peeled on these two, they sound epic, and I’ll be reporting back on them imminently.

For the first time ever, I pledge Oliver’s my loyalty – meaning, if I’m ever in the 500-yard vicinity, I promise to pop in and buy some cake, coffee, brunch, breakfast, legendary mezzalunas, or whatever dreamy dish they’ve pulled out of the oven that morning.

For the best breakfast in Derby, go, nay run to Oliver’s.

Oliver’s, continue shining like the aforementioned ‘light poles’. See you again very soon.

Rating: (1: Hate: I’d rather eat my shoe – 10: Love: I’d sell my kidney for a meal here)

Food: 10

Value for money: 10

Ambience: 10

Service: 10

Rate or Slate? Rate.


Café name: Oliver’s

Founder: Lisa Bridge

Open since: December 2015

Covers: 30

Address: 7-7a Friar Gate, Derby DE1 1BU

Closest train station: Derby

Opening: Monday – Saturday 9am – 3pm

Website: www.olivers.kitchen

How to make reservation: telephone

Call: 01332 370200

Front of House: Cassandra Gallacher

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OliversFG

Instagram: www.instagram.com/oliversfg

Twitter: www.twitter.com/OliversFG

Whilst in the area check out: Derby Museum, who have a host of brilliant activities for kids and adults alike