Did you know, that Britons spend an average of 6 hours of their life queuing*? That’s a heck of a waste of time, and one of my pet peeves (cold butter on bread rolls, sandwiches with crust on afternoon tea are just a few others). Patience is a virtue, which I unfortunately have little of. Especially when you’ve had a long week, and you just want to kick back with your friends, the last thing you want is to spend an age queuing for drinks in your favourite bar.

Thursday and Friday nights can be mega busy, and to be really honest, I have sometimes walked out of bars that seem too busy.

So, it is fortuitous, that Turtle Bay has come up with some considerate thinking. The Caribbean restaurant and bar is now taking ‘Cocktail Table’ reservations meaning that you can book a table at Turtle Bay at any time just for drinks.

I know some places can get “icky” about reserving a table if you’re not dining, so it’s great to see Turtle Bay be inclusive.

Turtle Bay say that it’s all about that VIP experience – being able to reserve your own little drinking spot with table service and food as well (if you like).

It’s about getting a group together and knowing you’re not going to spend the evening trailing around looking for a place where you can sit and relax as well as party – because time with friends and lovers is too valuable to waste.

Explore the fabulously curated 40 strong collection of rum and a sublime list of tropical cocktails – all brought to your table all night long – to the sound of a great reggae soundtrack.

My favourite bit of Turtle Bay is (don’t laugh) the pretty twinkly lights in the window. I’m a sucker for lights in the dark, and sipping the One Love rum cocktail whilst basking in the warm glow of the fairy lights, whilst thinking of my next book plot is one of my favourite pastimes.

Turtle Bay in Derby is now taking bookings for cocktail gatherings. For more information, hop onto their website now.

*Source: Telegraph*