Duck In, Duck Out…

Hey guys,

How are you? Really hope you’re all well and enjoying the weather (hurrah for the heatwave)! I’m heading out in like ten minutes, so this is me frantically typing away trying to get my thoughts into some semblance for my zippiest blog post yet.

tumblr_lrnztu0wDH1qkhxaoo1_500It’s shaping up to be a cracking week and it’s only Monday. I’m awaiting the book proof for Screaming Snowflakes Book One (squee!), so I’ll be off the radar this week giving it the once over. There’s something so exciting about holding your book in your hand; all those hours burning the midnight oil certainly paid off. See, it was only supposed to be an e-book, but I’ve had that many people asking for “a physical book”, I’ve decided to steam ahead with the print version.  I’m in the middle of finalising PR for the Screaming Snowflakes Book Tour, so keep tuned in for exciting tidbits and upcoming book signings over the coming months.

I’m also in middle of various write-ups, including a really cool author meet with the utterly delectable Rachel Joyce, whom I had the pleasure of meeting a few days ago at the Bolton Central Library. She rocked up with her publisher from Transworld (the equally fabulous Jan). It was an informative, fun chat which I’ll share with you guys soon. Then there’s two more foodie reviews (scheduled to be published before my birthday next week), plus meeting various cool bods. In between seeing fabulous Gal Pal R for an afternoon of al fresco cocktails (for a much needed catch up) and cool Dude A (who is the living embodiment of Timmy in Rules of Engagement), plus a tonne of writing it’s going to be a constructive, luminous seven days. Here’s hoping you guys have a smashing week too.

Love RAxx