If you love good coffee, you need to read on. As a self-confessed coffee lover, news of a coffee festival is music to my ears. Imagine spending a whole day, chatting to fellow coffee lovers, tasting coffee and stocking up on your own coffee supplies? Cut me open and I swear I’d have coffee running through my veins. I average around  three cups a day (down from seven), and I find it helps gets those creative juices flowing.

I am in the middle of setting up a group for coffee lovers (watch this space in a standalone post); for now, let’s talk more about Cup North and the annual coffee celebration which returns to Manchester on the 4th and 5th November.

Manchester Coffee Festival welcomes an array of industry professionals, home baristas, coffee lovers and the general public from across the nation to its prime location at Victoria Warehouse in the heart of Manchester.

The festival will see its program build on last years offering. The Sustainability Hub, sponsored by Vegware, will promote a healthy discussion around the subject and will see the introduction of ReThink Coffee – a series of hands on workshops led by ReFashionReFood.

ReFashion designer Runa founded the organisation in 2015 with the purpose of spreading awareness, sharing manageable solutions and engaging people in the everyday green movement, through events and fun activities in a positive, uplifting spirit. Runa is trained in textile design, method acting and sustainable business management, and is also active in Greenpeace Sweden and Clean Clothes Campaign, Berlin.

Tamper Tantrum will host a discussion forum, revolving around the lessons learnt from other craft beverage industries. Tamper Tantrum inadvertently came into being the morning after the 2009 WBC when Colin Harmon, Stephen Leighton, and Ben Helfen recorded a long and somewhat controversial conversation about all things coffee. Now hailed as “one of the world’s premier platforms for coffee bickering, brainstorming, and live speaking engagements, ”Tamper Tantrum is delighted to bring inspiring speakers to live and online audiences around the world.

This Festival aims to be a bevvy of coffee experimentation and an immersive sensory experience around the culinary division of coffee. The 2017 event will see the return of coffee roasters Climpson and Sons, Allpress, Clifton Coffee, Origin and Union that supply local coffee houses Fig and Sparrow, Trove, Takk, Foundation and Another Heart to Feed. Manchester based Heart & Graft and Ancoats Coffee Co will be back as well showcasing their seasonal offer and telling the tales of their relationship with their favourite coffee producers.

Visitors to Manchester Coffee Festival can expect to sample many different tasty and speciality coffees from around the globe; take part in hands-on workshops with a sustainability theme; learn how to make the perfect brew at home from industry professionals, and take the opportunity to meet the people behind your favourite coffee shops and coffee roasters.

Tickets to the event are now on sale via the Cup North website – available at the price of £10 per day or £18 for a weekend pass. See you there, I’ll be the one cradling a cup of coffee for the duration of the day (heaven).