My feature in The Bolton News

It’s been a busy few weeks on the book front. And I couldn’t be happier, it makes those nightly 3 hour sleeps worth it! Now, there’s nothing more I love than a good write-up.

It makes all the hard work seem worthwhile. Imagine slogging your guts out, and eventually, it all falls into place. I’m feeling pretty high at the moment (and that’s not entirely down to my fourth cup of coffee this morning). All those hours spent burning the midnight oil is suddenly so gratifying, when your work is acknowledged. I would like to thank the guys at The Bolton News, for this awesome feature. To be compared to one of my favourite authors of all time is way too cool for words, I really am not worthy! I must add a special thanks to Rhode Island café for providing a lovely setting for not only my writing, but for the photo shoot as well. The article isn’t available online yet, so this scanned copy is just going to have to do, I couldn’t wait!