Remember Remember the 5th of November!

Hey guys,

Hope all is well wherever you are. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m up north for a few days (Manchester to be precise) and it’s fricking freezing. I’m holed up in good old Starbucks trying to make good on my promise (to blog at least once a week), so here we are. What have you been up to?

Looking out of the window right now, it feels like it’s a wet, cold, December night circa 10pm. It’s actually just gone 530pm on a refreshing (albeit wet November evening), so we’re definitely in the murky midst of autumn.

I’ll be going to a Bonfire Night Party tomorrow and I can’t wait. Fireworks, hearty wholesome fayre and I get to catch up with some thoroughly awesome friends. I can’t wait. What do you like about Bonfire Night? Rate or slate it, I’d love to know what you think. I’m torn, in that I think fireworks are pretty to watch, but a waste of money. You’re literally burning piles of cash. Still, I’ll quell my moralistic voice of reason for the next 24 hours and ride the Hypocrite Train of Ignorance for the next 48 hours only.ย 

OK, I now have to get ready and leg it across town for dinner at Artisan, a cool new eatery in Manchester. Expect a foodie review shortly.

Before I go, I have to mention a quick big up to Manchester City Council.ย What I love about Manchester is the city’s attention to its Christmas lights. They’re the prettiest lights I have ever seen. Seriously. I’d take a photo and post, except my mobile phone battery is dead. They look like regular tree lights, but they’re drop lights. I love lights in the dark. They’re gorgeous and warm one’s cockles with the spirit of Christmas. OK, I really must stop ogling the lights like a crazy loon.

Have a safe, happy Bonfire Night guys.

Mucho love,