I am clumsy, like really clumsy.


Which is why the idea of a waterproof watch really floated my boat. 


I have had Sekonda watches, from as far back as I can remember.


When I was a kid, my mum would take me school-stuff shopping during the summer holidays.


We’d buy the usual items in anticipation of a new term, so shoes (bright banana yellow one year at primary school, but more on that later), uniform, pretty stationery and a watch every couple of years.


We’d pop to H Samuel in the Arndale Centre in town, where we’d choose a watch together, often Sekonda. 


Fast forward to 2023, and I still wear the British-designed brand, because it is reliable, functional and really elegant too. 


Which is why it was a no-brainer to embark on a collaboration with the brand that I trust and have known since I was a a teeny tiny person (I’m still around 5ft 5, so I’m still kinda teeny tiny, but I digress). 


My gifted Sekonda watch with an ion-plated silver alloy case is from the Balearic range.


It having a stainless steel bracelet bodes well for me – I am always somehow thwacking myself, winding up with purplish bruises I have no idea I have gotten.


I wore the watch whilst cooking over the weekend and even gave it a quick blast under the tap. 


The Sekonda watch is supposed to be water resistant up to 50 metres, but that’s definitely not going to happen with me, unless I jump into a pool voluntarily (chances of that are super slim). 


I did feel a spike of cringe, because getting water onto a watch is something I have always avoided. 


I am happy to report that the watch is perfectly waterproof and it saved me having to bug that Alexa bird, constantly asking her what time it is. 


The dial colour is a pale green which is perfect for me, as its neutral base complements my summer wardrobe.


I have always loved the colour green, not the bright, hurt-your-eyes lurid lime, but the subtle, delicate pastel green notes, which this watch falls into the category of.


It’s a great watch for those who don’t want the nonsense of a thousand features.


I’m not saying that I’m not tech-savvy (I am), but sometimes, I just want a piece of tech to be simple and do the one thing I need it to do, instead of a whole bunch of confusing malarkey.


I am wearing this watch as I type and it is comfortable and pretty and I am happy. 


I hope you enjoyed my review and that you will take the time (sorry, I couldn’t resist) to explore Sekonda.


More information about the watch can be found here.