Same Old Brand New You

Hey Guys,

DietHappy Monday! Hope you’re having a great start to the week! What with the festive season out of the way, it’s back to work with zero interruptions. I very rarely watch TV except when it’s on in the background whilst I’m taking a breather from writing. (I usually have Bliss, or some other music channel when I’m blogging, but I digress.) I’m seeing a tonne of adverts for holidays and slimming, and I guess the two aspects go hand in hand. I (along with millions of others) overindulged this Christmas. Although if I’m honest, I’ve been a little lax on the exercise front for a few months now (I’m sure my personal trainer has forgotten what I look like).

As a writer, I spend quite a bit of my time chained to my laptop. And as I’ve been cursed with the night owl gene of writing my best work post 11pm (I’m a night owl, not a werewolf), I find I snack in the late hours too. I’m at a loss how Nigella Lawson ravages her fridge at midnight and still manages to look cool. (I tried that whole ‘sneaking into fridge for surreptitious midnight treat’ and trust me, I just wound up looking like a greedy freak).

Fat CatOne of my New Year’s Resolutions is to lead a healthier lifestyle (ingest healthier food / more water, do more exercise and stock up on vitamins / minerals). 2013 is already shaping up to be busy year. I plan on reviewing more restaurants and writing more about food and drink, in addition to a brand new segment for the website which I’m currently working on. I also have a number of author engagements lined up (more on that later). I’m keen to drop a few pounds for these really great events, in addition to regaining my bikini bod for Cannes. The main question is (drum roll), which diet do I choose?

In between Rosemary Conley, Jenny Craig, Davina McCall and Tracey Anderson to name but a few, it’s easy to be confused (I haven’t been this flummoxed since being forced to choose between Team John Ross and Team Chris Ewing). I noticed on Facebook the other day that Michael Moore (film-maker, social critic and author extraordinaire) started walking last year, just for the hell of it. Since then, he’s become fitter, more active – and he’s also lost some weight. Michael is a man after my own heart. He despises the gym, likes his food and refuses to buckle under peer pressure. He started his evening walks out of spontaneous fun, not because he wanted to drop a few pounds (incidentally, his weight loss was just a welcome by-product of his evening rambles).

I’m in the process of studying various diet plans and will be creating my own, taking aspects from each diet, to create a workable bespoke plan for me. I’ve already started drinking more water (I’ve doubled my water intake since this past week and feel all the better for it). I just need to start exercising again. Are you guys on any diet / healthy eating plans? Any tips / recommendations on ways to lose weight that you would care to share? I’d love to hear from you.

Love RAx

PS I must acknowledge A1, who inspired the title of this post (it was blaring on TV in the background whilst I was blogging). I find pop / commercial stuff is great for blogging, but for some reason, have to listen to classical music when writing fiction. What sort of stuff do you guys listen to, any faves..?