As any good foodie worth her (sea) salt, I love shouting about good food and great spaces with lovely smiling faces. Which is why I feel I have to write about Masa Restaurant & Bar, Derby again. I try not to write about the same place more than once a month, but this time, I’ll make an exception. I reviewed the restaurant less than two weeks ago (see original review here), but because Masa do a cool tasting menu, I just had to hop on and get writing.

Masa have organised a wonderful series of ‘#TasteOfMasa’ evenings which run monthly, usually at the end of each month. There is a theme for each evening, so the next one on 28th April, is an American Dining theme.

7 courses for £32 is great to taste the very best Derby has to offer. From Cobb Salad to Twinkie Bar Reinvention, these menus are inventive and sound positively moreish. If you can’t make this month, you should totally check out upcoming dates, which are as follows:


I’m a massive fan of Roald Dahl, and I’m looking forward to that one already. And the American Thanksgiving one too. Whomever is compiling this menu (cough, MG, cough), is one heck of a culinary genius. I really wish more restaurants did tasting menus, as I think it’s a great way for diners to try out new dishes, whilst restaurants can get inventive and showcase the best of their produce. See, it’s a win-win situation.

Actually, I’ve just thought of this whilst writing this piece. If you’re a cool restaurant, you should totally do tasting menus. And if you would like me to feature said tasting menus, drop me a note. Either Tweet me here or email me at [email protected]; I’d love to help you spread the word.

Ciao for now,