The best advert of all time is..

Hello World,

How are we today on this wonderful Wednesday? Really hope you’re having a cracking evening. It’s been a full-on few days and boy am I glad we’re closer to the weekend. I just wanted to jump online because I was munching on a packet of Munchies (which always remind me of Rolos) and that of course reminded me of my favourite advert of all time. For ‘Generation Tinternet’, watch the vid below and tell me it’s not a work of art.

A good advert will be talked about for evermore (Rolo advert case in point), whereas mega-budget commercials with little direction can disappear as quickly as strawberry cheesecake off my plate – that’s pretty darn fast.

I watched the BT commercial for Infinity (was it Infinity? I don’t recall) which made as much as sense to me as a Japanese pop song. It was seriously atrocious. Marketing and PR is big business these days and I’m always amazed when big names get it so wrong. Why don’t people drill down and focus on the message? Everything else (target demographic, budget spend, etc.) will quickly fall into place once one has a handle on the basics.

Are there any adverts which you dig? What about ones that bug the hell out of you? “Go Compare”, “Compare the Market” “Secret Escapes” and (that godawful) “Wowcher” adverts are all cringeworthy. That’s why I frequently find myself giving thanks to Mr Sky+ for allowing me to forward those anodyne, time-wasting, offensive adverts. Now, enough griping. Here is the advert that’s the Holy Grail formula of the best advert ever made. Enjoy.

Much Love,