An East Midlands pub establishment is bringing its special sense of chilled out vibes and understated cool to Derby. The Orange Tree hosted its preview evening last night and the bar is now open to welcome locals into its George Street location.

Nestled just off the main road on Friargate, The Orange Tree is a great place to meet for a drink and catch up with friends and business colleagues alike. The place is brand new – so new, that you can actually smell the freshly varnished benches and cute shelves bulging with premium spirits.


Spread over two storeys with fully functioning bars on both floors, The Orange Tree promises to be a destination pub in Derby and beyond. There is also a Loft area available for private hire, perfect for a Christmas get together.


The preview evening was great fun. The drinks menu is extensive and a must see for any gin lover. The cream of the gin crop includes Tanqueray, King of Soho and William Chase Elegant. I took a quick look at their menu and loved their premium cocktail range. I’ve earmarked the Maple Old Fashioned, because it sounds so darn delightful, and French Martini because that’s a classic. For the preview evening, it was Prosecco all the way.


The Orange Tree establishment is nearly 20 years’ old – that’s dinosaur old (and very successful) in industry terms. In today’s age where an increasing number of people are forgoing their local pubs and bars to drink at home, news that The Orange Tree is launching another pub is music to my ears.

Its first pub opened in 1997, and the brand has enjoyed great success to build on their stable of fabulous pubs across the East Midlands. Their Leicester spot is renowned for special Sunday roasts, and I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed to hear that no food will be served in the Derby bar. I’m hoping the owners are erring on the side of caution to see if there is a need (yes there is!) for food. I can understand their wariness; that area has at least five eateries that I can name off the top of my head.


The Orange Tree is a great place with a lovely vibe. Yes there were hiccups on launch night, but it’s a new place and I’m hoping owners will keep a close eye on the baby of the brand and nurture the Derby branch. I like the old saloon vibe and it’s not difficult to imagine Clint Eastwood (circa 1950 Rawhide) to come charging around a corner demanding you drink up and take advantage of happy hour. Just check out the fancy lettering for this lovely Powder Room on the first floor.


Speaking of happy hour, there is rather excellent offering in place (yes you can get a French Martini for under a fiver). This, coupled with an amenable location, and I think The Orange Tree will do very well indeed.

For more information about The Orange Tree, hop onto website now.