Theatre & Friday Night Fish Supper = Result!

Hey guys,

How are you doing and more importantly, what have you been up to? It’s been a busy few weeks; I had the pleasure of seeing my work performed at The Octagon Theatre in Bolton last week, as part of an initiative which champions new writing talent. The Best of Bolton is organic, innovative and a great platform for writers in the borough. I would like to thank Elizabeth Newman and the wonderful actors who made my writing (and the other writers’ work) come to life. A special shout out to Amy Drake, who is one hell of an actress and definitely one to watch out for – I predict an even brighter future for her. I live and breathe literature and to see pieces rendered breathtakingly beautiful by their directorial treatment was a pleasure and honour to witness. The Octagon Team are so wonderfully astute that to attend rehearsals and see Elizabeth give incisive feedback is an enlightening experience in itself. I cannot wait for the next gig (only 300 odd days to go, which I know will fly by).

Just a quick note to mention that Elizabeth is also a passionate supporter of the arts and she, along with fellow playwrights, directors and dramaturgs participated in a Consultation which explored ways to protect risk-taking on new work for the stage in an age of austerity. It’s a hefty 250+ page document which I’m currently ploughing through, but what I’ve read so far is ground-breaking and definitely worth a read. Check it out here.

Before the theatre performance, we had a quick fish supper with the family. Why? Because it was a Friday night in Bolton and it would have been rude not to. One of favourite chippies is Olympus. Their chips are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, whilst their batter-to-fish-ratio is perfect. And the best thing about this wonderful institution? They have a piano player striking dulcet chords on their Baby Grand. Precious little beats eating fish and chips and sipping Rosé whilst listening to a lilting rendition of Sinatra’s My Way.

What else have I been up to? In between the usual (juggling writing deadlines and staving off lethargy with vats of coffee), I’ve been checking out some really cool eateries that serve awesome food with top notch customer service (I’m big on customer service I am). Expect food reviews very soon.

Also, I’m watching the news and it’s all doom and gloom on the weather front. As vast swathes of the country are battered by horrid storms I hope you’re all safe and that the inclement weather passes post haste. I find that the weather tends to dictate my mood (yes I believe in SAD and if you don’t… what’s wrong with you?). Whenever I need cheering up, I blast some pop music which really brightens up my day. For a nostalgic indulgence of retro tunes (or #ThrowbackThursday to be more hip), I found myself listening to some good old Backstreet Boys. Yes, ‘Everybody’ got me bopping along nicely whilst I buttered my multi-seed toast this morning. I’m a proud nineties chick (that is I love the music of that era, not that I’m a ninety year old). Which one’s your favourite tune? I’d love to know. Really must dash. Speak soon!