Hello, I hope you are having a good weekend. The air has turned decidedly cooler, which means out come the jumpers and snuggly tops.

An article I wrote this week was about the Oodie. The name alone should make it memorable, because it’s such a quirky and cute name.

It is supposed to be a warming garment, which some buyers have said, has led them to bypass switching on the heating. Here is the article about the Oodie, including fans’ rave reviews, that I wrote earlier this week.

The Oodie appears to be a wonderful garment to wear. It looks warm and fleecy and my God I could happily crawl into one right about now. 


The Oodie says it is an ‘over-sized wearable blanket’, which sounds perfect. Especially when working from home, and thinking about keeping heating costs low during the cost-of-living crisis. 

Prices for the Oodie I was looking at, start from £59 which is the sale price; the original price was £84. Delivery is free for orders over £50. 

I am looking into buying one, but there are so many alternatives and garments inspired by the Oodie, it would be remiss of me not to check out the competition, especially if it means me saving money. 

As I continued research on the Oodie, I just happened to come across another warming garment with an unlikely champion. Earlier today, I spotted Fred Sirieix raving about thermals on Instagram.

Now, I listen to Fred, because he introduced me to LU biscuits (more on those later in a standalone post). Here he is, championing thermals and yes he also made me Google thermals, which I currently have open in another browser tab.


I trust Fred because those biscuits were darn delicious. So if he raves about thermals, he must be onto a good thing, right?


I recall working for NatWest bank in a beautiful, stoney, Grade II listed building years ago and it used to get really, really really cold in the winter months. Some of the ladies said they would wear thermal tops under their flim-flam-tissue-paper-thin uniforms, but I don’t think I really got bought into thermals.


Are there any garments that you swear by, which keep you warm? Onesies were all the rage a few years’ ago, but I never succumbed, because I didn’t want to feel like a giant baby wearing well, a giant baby-grow.


Trying to be good and not switch on the heating, however, means I may well go onto the dark side of the onesie. I would love to know if there are any clothing items that you recommend.


So far my top garments for keeping warm are:

  • Jumpers
  • Thermals (doing research as we speak, thanks Fred)
  • Oodie (doing research and looking into alternatives)
  • Onesie (oh God I might cave)
  • Hats (an important one because these keep the head-colds at bay)
  • Heated wearables (this has to be a thing, right? We’ve put a man on the moon, a heated coat can’t be difficult)


I think I recall someone mentioning clothes with electric blankets sewn in, or even a heated hat, But this could easily have been a fever dream because wouldn’t heated garments be simply magical?


Thank you for reading and I hope you are keeping warm. Also don’t forget to hit me up with your warm garment recommendations.